Workplace Health Management Activities

As already mentioned, health management activities are supposed to ensure the productivity of your employees.
A manager, almost suffering burnout due to a lack of proper stress regulation, a secretary who has musculoskeletal problems with her neck and shoulders due to incorrect body posture at her desk or a production worker with chronic
back pain – all of whom are lacking productivity and who are in danger of becoming unemployable sooner or later.

The following measures can be helpful in improving the health of your employees and thereby the productivity and efficiency of your company.
•    Diagnostic analyses and therapy at the workplace ( physiotherapy, osteopathy)
•    Outdoor activities like walking, running or circuit workouts
•    Food coaching (presentations, canteen consulting, …)
•    Stress management (one-on-one or in groups)
•    Fitness- and coordination workouts (outdoor or in our affiliated gyms)
•    Back pain prevention programs
•    Analyses of workplaces regarding ergonomics

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