Personal Healthcoaching

… more than personal training
A holistic one-on-one support pursuing a lasting optimization of your health

Holistic Diagnostics & Therapy

Painless mobility is a major rerequisite for your personal wellbeing. Back- and joint pain, as well as painful muscles or fascias may cause limited mobility. Using several therapeutic techniques such as classical massages, ...

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Individual, health-oriented
one-on-one workouts

A specifically targeted strength- and endurance workout increases your physical capability, your bone density, improves your cardiovascular system and reduces body fat.

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Knowledge, shopping, preparation and cooking

The three most important nutrition questions: 
What? When? How?
Nutrition is energy and energy is vital for your body. But which foods are really healthy?

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A lack of time, pressure to succeed and conflicts at work or even at home are only some stressors which 
put a strain on us. Though these problems don´t harm anybody severely as long as they are only temporary, ...

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International Health Coaching

You want to change something in your life - to improve your health?
You want to ...
... end the back pain, you have suffered with for years?
... strengthen your muscles and have a more powerful heart?
... feel more force in your body?

Then you need the help of a professional to coordinate and combine all your activities in order for you to become healthier. A one-on-one coaching is the most effective way of assisting you. Using this special service you will reach your health target as fast as possible.

Business Health Coaching

Creating healthy companies
Workplace health management to save your most important resource – the staff
Health Analyses
In order to know which health care activities fit your company, it is necessary to analyze the status quo. This step helps to create action-plans which are more efficient. 
Possible activities could be 
employee surveys, ...

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Workplace Health Management Activities

As already mentioned, health management activities are supposed to ensure the productivity of your employees. A manager, almost suffering burnout due to a lack of proper stress regulation, ...
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Presentations enable you to reach a large number of employees and thereby increase the sensitization regarding specific health topics such as stress, back pain and weight gain. By using simplified and entertaining ways of presenting these topics it is possible ...

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Evaluation / Sustainability

An evaluation of the implemented activities is crucial in order to make a clear statement about their effectiveness and to make adequate adjustments according to its results. The range of possible tools ranges from simple employee surveys ...

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Installation of health areas

Another major step towards being a “healthy company” could be the installation of health areas which fit the specific needs of your employees (fitness, stretching, relaxation, ...).
In addition to its health enhancing effects, it contributes to the employees ...

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Exhibition support

Ensure the high performance of your employees while they are representing the company at exhibitions (trade fairs?) or other events. Pain, muscular tension or blockades can be ameliorated on the spot, so that the exhibition staff can be entirely focused on doing a good job.

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Jesper Nielsen

Founder Amazing Jewelry
Former Pandora executive

Johannes Deters

Vorstand und Geschäftsführer in der Konsumgüterindustrie

Luciana Corsato Owsianka

Brazilian tennis champion 1984,1986,1989,1990

Health Coach

Sven Schulze

- Master of Arts in Prevention & Health Management

Focus on sports psychology and stress management

- Bachelor of Physiotherapy NL (Netherlands)

- Nonmedical Practitioner (Physiotherapy)

- State approved Physiotherapist

- Licensed Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Coach

- Back-Therapy-Trainer

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Business Partner

Markus Klimek


Lars Wunnenberg

Nonm. Practitioner

Claudia Wiese

Yoga Trainer & Teacher
Communication Trainer
Dance Educationist (i. Tr.)

Dr. Martin Morgenstern

Evolution Psychologist
Mental Trainer
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